Do you know VitaraCharts works for Report Services Documents too as DHTML widgets?

MicroStrategy Report Services Documents or RSDs as they popularly known continue to be used extensively by customers for picture perfect documents . They also have several features like Panels, Links , View Filters etc that are not available in the Visual Insights (VI) ad-hoc exploration tool for creating dashboards. As a result while VI is popular for data exploration RSDs continue to be the go to option for creating pre-

defined documents , landing pages and other use cases for end user BI delivery for enterprises. 

VitaraCharts - What charts to use when ?

Choosing the right kind of visualization is just as important as the content or the aesthetics of the dashboard. It is very easy to completely lose the point  of your narrative if you end up with a visual that mis-represents your data. Often times while we spend the time on cleaning data or designing the look and feel, not enough rigor is applied to understand visualization options that most optimally showcase the nuggets of data wisdom that analytics uncover. To aid this process we have created a handy guide to navigate the types of visualizations available with VitaraCharts and correlated it to what data can each visualization best represents.

VitaraCharts : Library Of 20+ Custom Visualizations for MicroStrategy Mobile

MicroStrategy Mobile is an extremely popular method to deliver content to executives . Therefore the ability showcase custom visualizations to convey key information effectively becomes very important. VitaraCharts has addressed this issue. The library of 20+ visualizations have been designed and tested for  Visual Insights as well Report Services Documents on both web and mobile . This makes it seamless for users to display information for ad-hoc analysis, web documents or mobile dashboards. 

Vitara invites you to PLAY LIVE!

We are excited to invite you to explore a new world of visualization possibilities with MicroStrategy and VitaraCharts with the release of  PLAY LIVE : VITARACHARTS GALLERY.

You can now explore 20+ stunning new visuals on VitaraCharts Gallery with Play LIVE . So if you want to make your charts animated with the dynamic Play feature, add some serious “IT” factor with Waffle Charts or get into some serious analytics with our expanded Hierarchical Vitara Grid feature and many more then start playing !

[Play Live ] VitaraCharts @ MicroStrategy World 2017

Vitara is happy to announce that we will showcase VitaraCharts live at MicroStrategy's annual user conference in Washington DC from April 18-20th, 2017. 

Visual data discovery has become the hallmark of modern Business Intelligence the age of "autonomous BI creation" and the transition of the business user to the content generator. Vitara has focused on enhancing this end user experience and providing easy to use custom visualizations packaged in a simple plug and play addition to MicroStrategy.

 Although MicroStrategy has opened its API to create custom visualizations by integrating with third party libraries like D3,GoogleCharts etc it still requires the use of specialized coding skills often lacking in business users. Most users also tend to use the open source D3 visualizations for MicroStrategy which are not supported. In addition even for IT users , maintaining custom code becomes expensive and time consuming slowing down upgrades and leading to dissatisfaction. 

To solve this problem VitaraCharts is a fully supported , enterprise grade add-on to MicroStrategy that allows users to add 19+ charts like enhanced grid, calendar , waffle, trellis, animated KPI, table heatmap and many more visuals at the click of a button. Quarterly releases with maintenance makes upgrades seamless. Vitaracharts immediately adds compelling, easy to use visualizations engaging the end customer and increasing end user adoption to the platform.

Do drop by at Booth 311 to interact LIVE with Vitaracharts at MicroStrategy World 2017.

[Waffle Chart] The Secret of Success with VitaraCharts ( D3, HighCharts,GoogleCharts & more)

Andy Kriebel hosts the iconic #MakeoverMondays challenge every week where he re-works a data story to convey the same information more intuitively. Andy has some phenomenal tips on how best to display information without falling into all the usual traps . We decided to play this week and recreate using MicroStrategy's Desktop version instead of Tableau. You can see Andy's original here :

Beyond D3 Visualizations for MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy already offers an API interface to easily add D3 visualizations to Visual Insights.  Vitara hosted a joint web series in March with MicroStrategy to showcase how easily you can extend the MicroStrategy platform widgets with beyond D3 charts with our 

-Ready to use

-Enterprise Grade

-Fully supported for upgrades

Library of 19+ charts and animated widgets including many exciting options Calendar chart, animated KPI, Trellis chart, Waffle Chart and more .The webcast video can be found on MicroStrategy resources website and it is available via the following link

An enhanced MicroStrategy Grid with group-by (outline mode) , search and view filters

MicroStrategy customers have long been looking for enhanced grid features with excel like functionality. The most commonly requested functionality is to simulate the "outline mode" that has been possible in the basic grid reports. As MicroStrategy opened its API to easily incorporate visualizations from popular libraries like D3,GoogleCharts and HighCharts , Vitara has focused on developing a custom grid to have various features that we have observed on the field with customer use cases.