tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:/posts VitaraCharts - Business Visualized 2021-04-16T10:36:59Z Vitara Analytics tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1679399 2021-04-16T10:36:59Z 2021-04-16T10:36:59Z Announcing Visualizing With Vitaracharts Newsletter

We are very excited to launch the Vitaracharts newsletter. We'll be coming to your inbox twice a month with info about new features, enhancements & ideas related to visualizations.

The big announcement this time is that we're certified to work with MicroStrategy 202. We have a new release Vitaracharts 4.7 with some exciting new features. Grab the new version today at docs.vitaracharts.com.

New features in 4.7

For the list of all changes, please check here


Integrated absolute variance and relative variance views into bar and column charts.

    Grid : Manage Scaling

    Grid/Micro Chart: For trendlines, there's an option to set axis minimum and maximum values for scaling. You can also apply the same scale to multiple columns

      Stacked area

      Added support for the stack by area charts in the stacked chart. The new property "chart type" is introduced under the series tab in the bar/column.

      Bubble chart

      You can now add attributes to the x and y-axis to group bubble elements.

      Reach out to us at sales@vitaracharts.com to get a demo of the new functionality.

      Know anyone else who might be interested in what we share? They can sign up here.

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1641708 2021-01-18T15:32:36Z 2021-01-20T06:18:13Z Vitara's MicroStrategy Dashboard Contest 2021- Winners

      Vitara's 2021 Microstrategy Dashboard contest entries were extremely difficult to judge. The quality of design, the data presentation, and the messages in these submissions were so powerful that we really could not limit our list of winners to just three entries. So, we decided to add an extra slot rewarding 4 entries that will get the top prizes. Additionally, we would like to thank all the participants who took the time to send in their entries. There were several dashboards that were really noteworthy and we have also decided to highlight a few dashboards in the honorable mention category that caught our attention in addition to the winners.

      First Prize: This year's winner Amit Kumar Sah has taken the difficult topic of cancer research done by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and eloquently summarized the prevalence, survival rates, changes over time, and projections of future cancer rates using a variety of rich visuals that captures the end user's attention from start to finish. Amit has left no stone unturned as he navigates from using custom icons to depict the different ways in which cancer impacts genders to play axis showcasing changes over time and finally Polar mode to show the distribution of survival rates all the while providing easy navigation and great context. This was unanimously voted as the top prize winner of the competition.

      Full Video of the Dashboard here: 

      Runner-up 1: The Black Lives Matter movement dominated the headlines in 2020. Elmernikh Nabil's dashboard is not only beautiful but is also a very powerful statement while using extremely minimal design elements and is very thought-provoking.

      Full Video here: 

      Runner-up 2: Somanth Sadhukhan also chose cancer as a topic focussing on an overview of breast cancer in the USA. The dashboard provides facts with warning signs of breast cancer and also How to reduce the risk of breast cancer. His innovative use of the Sankey chart to showcase the rates of cancer rates combined with the use of the Polar chart for comparison across races was eye-catching and informative.

      Full Video here: 

      Runner up 3: Niken Zulfasari blew us away with her data on the urgent issue of plastic pollution in the oceans. Using creative visuals and a wealth of data she has illustrated the depth and danger of this particular environmental problem.

      Full Video here: 

      And to wrap the star dashboard designer lineup from our contest in 2021, a most honorable mention for the inimitable Len O Toole. He cast a spell on us all with this magical take on the Harry Potter series using some of the cool enhancements from 2021. 

      To get the full effect of the dashboard, do not miss viewing this video from Len: 

      And just a quick reminder that this year MicroStrategy World is virtual and FREE. So if you haven't done so already sign up here.

      Thank you all for an exciting start to 2021 and we hope to connect with you all (virtually) at World 2021.

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1629225 2020-12-18T12:50:17Z 2021-01-11T14:09:11Z Microstrategy Dashboard Contest 2021 By Vitara

      It's that time of that year again! Yes, MicroStrategy's Annual User Conference is back with World 2021, a historic virtual event with FREE entry to all registrants is here. And, Vitara is calling out to all the dashboard gurus to showcase their design chops. Announcing our annual Microstrategy Dashboard Design competition with exciting prizes worth $1000 USD for winners. 

       Participants can either use a combination of Vitaracharts and Microstrategy features to create compelling data stories that are also visually appealing. 

      The submissions need to be sent to contest2021@vitaracharts.com before Jan 15th, 2021.

      NOTE: Dashboards will need to contain Vitaracharts elements and will be judged on aesthetics, usability, and usefulness. We will select 3 entries from the submissions to be showcased at World. Additionally, winning entries will be awarded Amazon Gift cards.

      All participants are eligible to get a temporary key for Vitaracharts valid for 90 days. 

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1625278 2020-12-07T09:55:06Z 2021-01-05T03:14:01Z Webinar: Extend Microstrategy Dossier with Vitaracharts

      If you have missed our webinar with Microstrategy on how to extend your visualizations on Dossier you can catch-up with the on-demand webinar posted on Microstrategy's website: https://www.microstrategy.com/en/resources/webinar/Extend-Dossier-Visualizations-with-Vitara

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1589942 2020-09-02T16:14:39Z 2020-09-02T16:21:15Z Effective use of playaxis to illustrate change

      Showing change across any dimension using a play axis can be a very effective exercise to draw attention to the magnitude of change along with patterns and anomalies. The following examples illustrate the play axis over the line, bar, and map charts.


      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1589926 2020-09-02T15:52:37Z 2020-09-02T16:00:26Z Custom Markers for Microstrategy

      At first glance, the recent examples posted with Vitaracharts of European Champions League Winners, Global Weather data, and  American Airlines Traffic data might seem like they have nothing in common. And yet, in all three cases, the use of custom markers has been a very simple and highly effective method to communicate with the information with end-users. Industry and context-sensitive markers can be created and uploaded by end-users to all Vitaravisuals. For more details refer to https://docs.vitaracharts.com/guideCommonFeatures/dataMarkers.html

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1586859 2020-08-25T09:34:45Z 2021-01-05T03:14:33Z US State(s) and Mail-In Voting Status Data compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures, shows, the current rules on mail-in voting vary heavily across states. 

      While five states (Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington) hold all-mail elections, another 30 allow no-excuse absentee voting, meaning that voters don’t need to give a reason for casting their ballot by mail. The remaining states also allow mail-in voting but require an excuse to do so, which often includes age, illness, or other inhibiting factors.
      Credit: Statista and NCSL

      The above chart is built using the Map tiles available in the Vitara Image Layout to represent the various US states and DC. Map Tiles are a great alternative to physical maps when the size of the state is immaterial to the analysis. This type of layout is ideal for ranking of status, statuses, affiliations, etc. For more examples of Map, Tile usage refer to our online gallery: https://cloud.vitaracharts.com/VitaraChartsPlayLive

      Built using MicroStrategy and Vitaracharts
      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1585339 2020-08-21T10:31:32Z 2021-01-05T03:14:35Z When will the World get a COVID vaccine?

      The entire world is waiting with bated breath for a vaccine to the COVID pandemic. The dashboard below illustrates the various vaccine efforts worldwide and their stages of progress. Created using MicroStrategy and Vitaracharts.

      No alternative text description for this image

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1585338 2020-08-21T10:27:29Z 2020-09-02T15:46:47Z To Mail In or Not to Mail In Vote...
      According to a Gallup poll, most Americans favor voting by mail in November. 
      Waffle chart has been used with custom markers ( human marker) to show young adults largely favor mail-in voting. More than a third of the voters favor voting online and the big differences arise by demographic subgroups as shown with the bar chart on the right.

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1585336 2020-08-21T10:22:50Z 2020-08-21T10:22:50Z State Of Remote Work 2020
      According to the State of Remote Work survey conducted in over 3500 workplaces by  Buffer, and AngelList! the workplace of the future is people having the flexibility to work remotely from home with teammates all around the world. 
      Source: https://lp.buffer.com/state-of-remote-work-2020

      No alternative text description for this image

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1585334 2020-08-21T10:06:08Z 2020-08-21T10:07:36Z A Third of US Adults Unwilling to Take Covid Vaccine
      According to the latest Gallup poll, more than a third of U.S. adults would be unwilling to take an FDA approved Covid-19 vaccine at no cost. Predictably there is a wide variation on this topic across party lines. 

      No alternative text description for this image
      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1585333 2020-08-21T09:55:05Z 2020-08-21T09:55:05Z Gender Equality in America is still unfinished business Gender Equality in America is still unfinished business per Gallup's latest poll. Showcased here using Dossiers with Vitaracharts and powered by Microstrategy.

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1573975 2020-07-16T10:46:26Z 2020-07-21T08:56:11Z Webinar: IBCS Certified Charts for Microstrategy

      IBCS provides much-needed standardization to the colors, format, and presentation of visualizations so that things that mean the same, look the same. IBCS standard is well adopted in Europe and gaining popularity worldwide for its ability to de-clutter and present data in a universally understood format.

      This session introduces the IBCS standard and then showcases the Vitarachartsus IBCS certified visuals (https://www.ibcs.com/software/vitaracharts/) built for Microstrategy. These charts are ready to use for all certified and supported versions of Microstrategy and can immediately help businesses get value by using them. 

      Sign up here to attend the webinar LIVE. All registrants will also get a recorded version of the session.

       Register Now: https://webinar.vitaracharts.com

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1558331 2020-06-12T10:44:21Z 2020-06-12T10:44:21Z Webinar: 30+ charts to re-invent your Microstrategy Dashboards
      The following webinar showcases a demo of 30+ charts offered by Vitaracharts for Microstrategy Desktop, Web, Mobile, and Library.
      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1554090 2020-06-04T11:33:59Z 2020-06-04T14:33:15Z Webcast : Unleash your creativity with 30+ visuals from Vitaracharts for Microstrategy
      Change is the only constant. We continue to be wow-ed by new and interactive ways to showcase data around us. And so, to meet this demand for more intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive options Vitara charts add on​ with​ 30+ new charts and supercharge​s​ your Microstrategy platform.

      Join us for a LIVE DEMO of Vitaracharts along with an exciting offer!

      Register here: https://webinar.vitara​charts.com​

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1553415 2020-06-03T11:31:52Z 2020-06-03T11:31:52Z Vitaracharts for Microstrategy is FREE!

      Although most of our customers and prospects are aware of our 30-day trial version for commercial enterprise use, many are unaware that Vitaracharts is now FREE for Microstrategy Desktop and Workstation use. So, get the creative juices flowing with our supercharged visualizations now compatible fully with Microstrategy 2020. For more details visit www.vitaracharts.com

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1544835 2020-05-15T08:59:30Z 2020-05-15T09:10:08Z How to build a Fan Chart using Vitaracharts for Microstrategy?
      A Fan Chart is good to show the uncertainty in future projections - usually, this grows the further forward to projection.
      The following post walks through the steps to build a Fan chart using Vitaracharts for MicroStrategy.

      ]]> tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1543963 2020-05-13T12:21:16Z 2020-05-13T12:38:21Z Custom Font Support For Vitaracharts in Microstrategy

      Many companies use a custom font for branding, to exercise control and familiarity with their brand. To this end, Vitaracharts offers a seamless and centralized way to add new font styles to your visualizations. 

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1543938 2020-05-13T10:25:28Z 2020-05-13T12:23:00Z RTL Grid and Menu Support for Microstrategy

      RTL is used for displaying languages that go from Right to Left, eg Hebrew and Arabic. Vitaracharts for Microstrategy offers RTL support for grids as well as Menus to give a seamless experience to the end-user. To turn on RTL for any visualization, select EDIT->Apperance->Select Right to Left . A quick demo below showcases the features of RTL Grid from Vitaracharts

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1543400 2020-05-12T12:42:11Z 2020-05-13T12:23:34Z How to build a Barcode Plot using Vitaracharts for Microstrategy?

      A Barcode plot is a good chart to show the distribution of data in a table and to highlight individual values. The following post walks thru the steps to build a Barcode plot using Vitaracharts for MicroStrategy.

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1542925 2020-05-11T12:49:40Z 2020-05-13T09:07:29Z Financial Times Visual Vocabulary - Which chart to use when?
      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1519490 2020-03-13T16:01:47Z 2020-03-13T16:01:47Z Using Legend as a selector for Vitaracharts
      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1519021 2020-03-12T06:52:37Z 2020-03-13T15:48:11Z Vitara's Microstrategy Dashboard Competition Winners 2020

      VitaraCharts recently held its 2020 Dashboard Competition, leveraging the power of MicroStrategy along with the flexibility of VitaraCharts visualizations and features. 

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1519019 2020-03-12T06:31:38Z 2020-03-13T15:47:20Z Play Animation for Microstrategy dashboards
      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1519016 2020-03-12T06:06:07Z 2020-03-13T15:49:07Z Custom data markers for Vitaracharts in Microstrategy

      Custom Data Markers allows the flexibility to add more context to the data displayed and personalize it to the business user. Vitaracharts for Microstrategy offers a variety of customizable data marker options organized by subject area. 

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1347511 2018-11-26T09:17:49Z 2020-03-11T11:19:23Z Dashboard Contest Alert : Showcase your design chops and win an Amazon Echo

      Do you have what it takes to be a Dashboard Design Guru?

      Join our contest to showcase your design chops and win an Amazon Echo!

      As MicroStrategy's Annual User conference World 2019 approaches Vitara is excited to announce a dashboard design competition. Participants can either use MicroStrategy Documents (RSDs) or Dossiers (VI) to create compelling data stories that are also visually appealing. The submissions need to be sent to dashboard.contest@vitara.co before Jan 5th, 2019.

      Dashboards will need to contain Vitaracharts elements and will be judged on aesthetics, usability and usefulness. We will select 2 entries from the submissions to be showcased at World. Additionally, winning entries will be awarded Amazon Echos. 

      All participants are eligible to get a temporary key for Vitaracharts valid until Feb 7th, 2019 and it can be requested via email dashboard.contest@vitara.co.

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1263819 2018-03-21T11:04:16Z 2020-03-11T11:31:44Z What can Vitaracharts do for you?

      What can VitaraCharts do for you? Check out our new intro video showcasing how Vitaracharts can help see your data and your World more clearly.

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1263817 2018-03-21T10:52:05Z 2020-03-11T11:32:22Z WEBCAST:Vitaracharts Library and VitaraImage Layout for MicroStrategy

      Organizations can extend the power of MicroStrategy by adding 25+ new and exciting visuals for end users and developers with VitaraCharts library with charts like Waffle, Calendar, Waterfall, MicroCharts, Play Animation and more. 

      Also introducing VitaraImage Layout, from analyzing Production line efficiency, aisle placement, airline seating charts, store layout and foot traffic, businesses can incorporate any custom image easily and seamlessly into MicroStrategy using VitaraImageLayout. 

      Join Hema Pratapa, Co-founder of Vitara, as she walks through use cases and presents real-world examples of dashboards built on MicroStrategy using VitaraCharts plug-ins. 

      When : April 4th at 11 am ET\ 4pm CET  and April 5th 12pm ET\5pm CET

      Where: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/515330494338374915

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1202968 2017-11-03T08:50:30Z 2020-03-11T11:32:27Z Win A Free Pass to MicroStrategy World 2018

      Interested in attending the most exciting tech event of 2018 as a MicroStrategy user .. for free?  

      Participate in Vitara's Dashboard Competition  to win a free pass to attend Microstrategy World 2018 in Las Vegas from Jan15-17, 2018.

      Dashboard Competition

      1. Using MicroStrategy Desktop version 10.3 or above , request free version of Vitaracharts by emailing mstrworld2018@vitara.co.

      2. Build a VI dashboard showcasing Vitaracharts and submit supporting files ( .mstr files , screenshots).

      Winning entry will be judged on aesthetic appeal of the dashboard, use of interesting charts as well as the use case.

      Last date for submission of entries is Dec 13th . Winner will be announced by Dec 15th.

      Terms and Conditions :

      a. All decisions made by Vitara are final and will be made at our sole discretion.

      b. Current MicroStrategy employees as well as other Vitara  partner and re-seller employees are not eligible for participation in this contest. 

      c.The contest only provides a free pass to attend MicroStrategy World 2018. Airfare, accommodation is not included.

      d. All submitted entries may be used for marketing and promotional purposes by Vitara.

      e. All submitted entries should include full name, role and corporate email address .

       f. Entries should not contain any proprietary or confidential data. It is the participants responsibility to ensure any data used for the competition is publicly shareable.

      tag:blog.vitaracharts.com,2013:Post/1187258 2017-08-29T11:41:33Z 2020-03-11T11:32:32Z Webinar : VitaraCharts for MicroStrategy Desktop , Web and Mobile

      REGISTER NOW : https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1892166437938213378

      Organizations can extend the power of MicroStrategy by adding 20+ new and exciting visuals for end users and developers with VitaraCharts library . Join Hema Pratapa, Co-founder of Vitara, as she walks through use cases and presents real-world examples of dashboards built on MicroStrategy using VitaraCharts plug-ins. 

      This webcast will cover: 
      a)How organizations can deploy VitaraCharts library to add 20+ new visualizations to MicroStrategy without any coding or SDK use 
      b) Learn how Vitaracharts library can be used for Report Services Documents as DHTML widgets and 

      b)How you can add some serious “it” factor to your dashboards with advanced visualizations like Calendar charts, Microcharts, Expandable Grids, Animated KPIs, Tornado, Trellis, Mekko, Histogram, Waterfall and Waffle charts .

      WHEN : SEPT 13 , 9:30 AM PDT 

      REGISTER NOW : https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1892166437938213378