Microcharts for MicroStrategy

Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data by Stephen Few is a bible for effective visualization techniques. It discusses the many ways in which we commonly misrepresent information and offers alternative options that are much more effective. Infact Stephen Few devised the Bullet chart as a linear and no frills option to represent performance against target with a rich display of data in a small space . 

Vitara's Microcharts distills these best practices from Stephen Few to be used in MicroStrategy. Like all Vitaracharts, the Microcharts widget is compatible with Report Services (DHTML) and Visual Insights on all supported browsers and mobile devices as well as native MicroStartegy mobile.

Video demo and more details here : https://lnkd.in/fkh3xCv

An enhanced MicroStrategy Grid with group-by (outline mode) , search and view filters

MicroStrategy customers have long been looking for enhanced grid features with excel like functionality. The most commonly requested functionality is to simulate the "outline mode" that has been possible in the basic grid reports. As MicroStrategy opened its API to easily incorporate visualizations from popular libraries like D3,GoogleCharts and HighCharts , Vitara has focused on developing a custom grid to have various features that we have observed on the field with customer use cases.