RTL Grid and Menu Support for Microstrategy

RTL is used for displaying languages that go from Right to Left, eg Hebrew and Arabic. Vitaracharts for Microstrategy offers RTL support for grids as well as Menus to give a seamless experience to the end-user. To turn on RTL for any visualization, select EDIT->Apperance->Select Right to Left . A quick demo below showcases the features of RTL Grid from Vitaracharts

Dashboard Contest Alert : Showcase your design chops and win an Amazon Echo

Do you have what it takes to be a Dashboard Design Guru?

Join our contest to showcase your design chops and win an Amazon Echo!

As MicroStrategy's Annual User conference World 2019 approaches Vitara is excited to announce a dashboard design competition. Participants can either use MicroStrategy Documents (RSDs) or Dossiers (VI) to create compelling data stories that are also visually appealing. The submissions need to be sent to dashboard.contest@vitara.co before Jan 5th, 2019.

Dashboards will need to contain Vitaracharts elements and will be judged on aesthetics, usability and usefulness. We will select 2 entries from the submissions to be showcased at World. Additionally, winning entries will be awarded Amazon Echos. 

All participants are eligible to get a temporary key for Vitaracharts valid until Feb 7th, 2019 and it can be requested via email dashboard.contest@vitara.co.