Announcing Visualizing With Vitaracharts Newsletter

We are very excited to launch the Vitaracharts newsletter. We'll be coming to your inbox twice a month with info about new features, enhancements & ideas related to visualizations.

The big announcement this time is that we're certified to work with MicroStrategy 202. We have a new release Vitaracharts 4.7 with some exciting new features. Grab the new version today at

New features in 4.7

For the list of all changes, please check here


Integrated absolute variance and relative variance views into bar and column charts.

    Grid : Manage Scaling

    Grid/Micro Chart: For trendlines, there's an option to set axis minimum and maximum values for scaling. You can also apply the same scale to multiple columns

      Stacked area

      Added support for the stack by area charts in the stacked chart. The new property "chart type" is introduced under the series tab in the bar/column.

      Bubble chart

      You can now add attributes to the x and y-axis to group bubble elements.

      Reach out to us at to get a demo of the new functionality.

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