Custom Calendar visualization for MicroStrategy from VitaraCharts

A significant differentiation for MicroStrategy 10.x release has been to open the platform API for users to create custom visualizations easily. Popular open source libraries like D3 and paid libraries like Highcharts and more being leveraged to create many user friendly widgets by partners and customers alike. Our product  VitaraCharts library is a plug and play addition created with 19+ new visualizations for MicroStrategy VI, Report Services and Mobile so users can get an enterprise grade , fully supported seamless solution to their visualization requirements.

Among our most popular charts is the calendar widget . Of-course Time being a universally common dimension, any industry or vertical would want to look at KPIs over time visually. To solve this problem, we have created a Calendar which can be set to display at Day, Month or Year level . In addition you have the ability to color code each cell by the metric value . End users can change ranges and custom color options for the calendar . Highly useful across all industries to observe trends and detect anomalies where KPIs are measured by time .

 Some use cases  for the calendar are 

a) Daily sales / traffic color coded to show when sales were good or bad by day or week. 

b) Critical downtime of IT servers showing incidents occurred by day or month.

c) Volume of surgeries on a given day or week along with critical information

Video below shows the various features of the calendar.