Do you know VitaraCharts works for Report Services Documents too as DHTML widgets?

MicroStrategy Report Services Documents or RSDs as they popularly known continue to be used extensively by customers for picture perfect documents . They also have several features like Panels, Links , View Filters etc that are not available in the Visual Insights (VI) ad-hoc exploration tool for creating dashboards. As a result while VI is popular for data exploration RSDs continue to be the go to option for creating pre-

defined documents , landing pages and other use cases for end user BI delivery for enterprises. 

The demand for custom visualizations in DHTML that can work across browsers and be used with easy editors for configuration in RSDs is equal if not more to the data exploration space for VI. Keeping this in mind, all the MicroStrategy custom visualizations developed as a part of  Vitaracharts library are available as DHTML widgets for RSDs. 

Examples of custom DHTML widgets for Microstrategy being used in Report Services below.