How to build a Barcode Plot using Vitaracharts for Microstrategy?

A Barcode plot is a good chart to show the distribution of data in a table and to highlight individual values. The following post walks thru the steps to build a Barcode plot using Vitaracharts for MicroStrategy.

1. The Barcode plot requires at least 2 attributes or dimensions and one metric. Place one of the attributes for the category and the other in color by using "Vitara Bar Chart". 

2. Use the EDIT option for Vitaracharts and navigate to the Appearance section then enable "Overlay Bar\column" per the screenshot below.

3. Now navigate to the EDIT->Series and change the Series option from Bar to Data Markers option. In the same menu, the type of data marker can also be modified to the appropriate symbol as shown below to get the barcode effect.

Pro tip: By modifying the data marker from Bar to Circle, the same chart can be changed to a Dot Strip Chart as well.