Introducing "Play" from VitaraCharts for MicroStrategy custom visualizations

Your data is ever changing and the ability to view your KPIs visually can help observe patterns and detect trends. To enhance this process, VitaraCharts has introduced the "Play" feature for all the basic charts like Line graph, Bar chart , Bubble chart , Pie chart  etc . "Play"  animates the visuals and brings  your data to life. It grabs the end user attention and directs them to the changing patterns and trends as the animation is played.

 This feature works with VitaraCharts for MicroStrategy Visual Insight dashboards, Report Services Documents and of course Mobile as well.

Veteran MicroStrategy users will remember this play feature from now defunct the MicroStrategy Bubble Flash widget Introducing "Play

2 responses
Great functionality, but how could it be customized, I mean: play speed, times to repeat, etc.?
Hi Dina - Yes we are adding these enhancements to Play Button in our next release due in Q3, 2018.