Trellis or Lattice Chart with VitaraCharts custom visualizations for MicroStrategy

Trellis chart is a grid of small charts . It is sometimes called trellis chartlattice chartgrid chart, or panel chart  and is a series of similar graphs or charts using the same scale and axes, allowing them to be easily compared. It uses multiple views to show different partitions of a data set.

How does Trellis help? 

  1. They allow for the display of many variables. The simplicity of the layout means end users are less confused. Stephen Few writes about over plotting where more than 3 variables are displayed. By using a chart such as Trellis, this problem can be avoided.
  2. Since all the charts use the same scale , end user  can quickly learn to read an individual chart and apply this knowledge as they scan the rest of the charts.  The end user is more focused on what the chart says vs how the chart works.
  3. Small multiples enable comparison across variables and reveal the range of potential patterns in the charts.

With Vitara's Trellis chart multiple styles can be applied like bar chart, column chart or line chart. Color by attributes and other formatting features can be used to easily convey information to end users. Ideal for comparing performance of like attributes like product category sales over several years , sales representatives performance over quarters , SAT scores by object for several years etc

Requirements : 

2 attributes , 1 metric

Fully customizable with editors in VI or Web  Report Services Documents for appearance, colors and other look and feel from 10.3 on-wards. Compatible with Desktop and mobile.