Vitara's MicroStrategy Dashboard Contest 2021- Winners

Vitara's 2021 Microstrategy Dashboard contest entries were extremely difficult to judge. The quality of design, the data presentation, and the messages in these submissions were so powerful that we really could not limit our list of winners to just three entries. So, we decided to add an extra slot rewarding 4 entries that will get the top prizes. Additionally, we would like to thank all the participants who took the time to send in their entries. There were several dashboards that were really noteworthy and we have also decided to highlight a few dashboards in the honorable mention category that caught our attention in addition to the winners.

First Prize: This year's winner Amit Kumar Sah has taken the difficult topic of cancer research done by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and eloquently summarized the prevalence, survival rates, changes over time, and projections of future cancer rates using a variety of rich visuals that captures the end user's attention from start to finish. Amit has left no stone unturned as he navigates from using custom icons to depict the different ways in which cancer impacts genders to play axis showcasing changes over time and finally Polar mode to show the distribution of survival rates all the while providing easy navigation and great context. This was unanimously voted as the top prize winner of the competition.

Full Video of the Dashboard here: 

Runner-up 1: The Black Lives Matter movement dominated the headlines in 2020. Elmernikh Nabil's dashboard is not only beautiful but is also a very powerful statement while using extremely minimal design elements and is very thought-provoking.

Full Video here: 

Runner-up 2: Somanth Sadhukhan also chose cancer as a topic focussing on an overview of breast cancer in the USA. The dashboard provides facts with warning signs of breast cancer and also How to reduce the risk of breast cancer. His innovative use of the Sankey chart to showcase the rates of cancer rates combined with the use of the Polar chart for comparison across races was eye-catching and informative.

Full Video here: 

Runner up 3: Niken Zulfasari blew us away with her data on the urgent issue of plastic pollution in the oceans. Using creative visuals and a wealth of data she has illustrated the depth and danger of this particular environmental problem.

Full Video here: 

And to wrap the star dashboard designer lineup from our contest in 2021, a most honorable mention for the inimitable Len O Toole. He cast a spell on us all with this magical take on the Harry Potter series using some of the cool enhancements from 2021. 

To get the full effect of the dashboard, do not miss viewing this video from Len: 

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Thank you all for an exciting start to 2021 and we hope to connect with you all (virtually) at World 2021.