What are VitaraMaps used for and how are they different from geospatial maps?

Vitaramaps came into existence because of a customer requirement to display map data offline ( without any live internet connection). 

Offline Maps

Vitaramaps generate Maps as svg images taking away the requirement of having a live connection to any map server.

Custom groups

Need to group zip codes or counties into specific sales regions to show on a map? With Vitaramaps you can do this easily by simply changing text files without having to create complex shapefiles.

Tile layout

Additionally, Vitaramaps also offers a unique layout of the regions using tile maps (hexagonal, square and round tiles). These visually compelling layouts are great in representing ranking, % contribution by region, etc.

Examples of Vitaramaps:

1. US county-level map by age group :

 2. US State Hex Map :

For more examples refer to www.vitaracharts.com -> Gallery -> VitaraImage Layout and Maps