Custom Markers for Microstrategy

At first glance, the recent examples posted with Vitaracharts of European Champions League Winners, Global Weather data, and  American Airlines Traffic data might seem like they have nothing in common. And yet, in all three cases, the use of custom markers has been a very simple and highly effective method to communicate with the information with end-users. Industry and context-sensitive markers can be created and uploaded by end-users to all Vitaravisuals. For more details refer to

US State(s) and Mail-In Voting Status

Data compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures, shows, the current rules on mail-in voting vary heavily across states. 

While five states (Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington) hold all-mail elections, another 30 allow no-excuse absentee voting, meaning that voters don’t need to give a reason for casting their ballot by mail. The remaining states also allow mail-in voting but require an excuse to do so, which often includes age, illness, or other inhibiting factors.
Credit: Statista and NCSL

The above chart is built using the Map tiles available in the Vitara Image Layout to represent the various US states and DC. Map Tiles are a great alternative to physical maps when the size of the state is immaterial to the analysis. This type of layout is ideal for ranking of status, statuses, affiliations, etc. For more examples of Map, Tile usage refer to our online gallery:

Built using MicroStrategy and Vitaracharts

To Mail In or Not to Mail In Vote...

According to a Gallup poll, most Americans favor voting by mail in November. 
Waffle chart has been used with custom markers ( human marker) to show young adults largely favor mail-in voting. More than a third of the voters favor voting online and the big differences arise by demographic subgroups as shown with the bar chart on the right.

Webinar: IBCS Certified Charts for Microstrategy

IBCS provides much-needed standardization to the colors, format, and presentation of visualizations so that things that mean the same, look the same. IBCS standard is well adopted in Europe and gaining popularity worldwide for its ability to de-clutter and present data in a universally understood format.

This session introduces the IBCS standard and then showcases the Vitarachartsus IBCS certified visuals ( built for Microstrategy. These charts are ready to use for all certified and supported versions of Microstrategy and can immediately help businesses get value by using them. 

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